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Powder coating is polymer resin that is applied in a powder form and is heat cured at approximately 400 degrees fahrenheit and can be applied to nearly any metal surface.  During the curing process, the powder melts and adheres to the surface.  Once cooled it provides a high quality and extremely durable finish.

GTZ Powder Coating started with powder coating Yeti cups in a garage and quickly grew into a four thousand square foot facility.  Nowadays we don't do cups, but instead have shifted our focus on being the premier powder coater in San Antonio for all things automotive, and we are one of very few powder coaters in Texas that will take in your whole car to get the wheels powder coated.  We have our own lift, tire machine, and balancer, so no need to worry about another tire shop messing up those new wheels.



Sat-Sun:  By appointment only

Mon-Fri: 0800-1100/1200-1700

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