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SRT Props

GTZ Powder Coating purchased a 4'x8' CNC plasma table at the beginning  of 2023 with the intent to offer completely in-house, custom made and powder coated products for our customers.  By doing all of the fabrication and finish work in-house, our customers save money and time.  The primary focus of our metal work has been automotive, but we are able to cut just about anything from most materials.  Our plasma cutter can cut all metals up 1/2" thick, and we can even take care of the CAD work for items that require exact measurements. Just send us a sketch and we'll take care of the rest! 

mayhem steps_edited.jpg

Amp Research Step Overlays

Our very first plasma customer actually came to us months before we even purchased the machine.  He already had an insanely custom truck with a particular design for his lift components and wanted something to dress up the bottom of his steps.  So once we had the machine up and running, we cut these onc piece aluminum overlays to match his lift kit and then powder coated them.

Door and Hood Props

If you know, you know!  These props went to a customer of ours that recently imported a Nissan Skyline GTR R32 into the states and been restoring/customizing it.  So we sat down with him and came up with a set of door and hood props to advertise not only the car, but his IG tag as well.  And of course he had to get Godzilla in there!  These multi layer props are held together with 3M VHB tape which should hold up the Texas heat for years to come.



GTZ Powder Coating is diligently working to design custom filler plates for the C8 Corvettes.  The first plates to come will be for the convertibles and will include plates for the front and rear trunk spaces and filler plates for the underside of the front and rear hatches.  We're in the final stages of getting the templates just right and will soon be offering custom designs for these.  Stay tuned!!  If you have a hard top C8 and are interested in being our guiney pig to design plates for the engine bay, give us a shout! 

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